New MyGoFlight iPad Checklist free at Oshkosh

New MyGoFlight iPad Checklist free at Oshkosh

Going to AirVenture? MyGoFlight, a company focused on the iPad In Motion for aviators, will make its new MyGoFlight iPad Checklist available for free at Oshkosh. The iPad Checklist can be obtained from the company at one of its two booths, at one of the two seminars company officials are presenting at the show titled “The iPad Takes Flight!” Not going to the show?

You can purchase the checklist online at for $7.99.

The MyGoFlight iPad Checklist is on the back of a luggage tag, making it very accessible, company officials said. Information is organized in five categories – Before Flight (5+hours), Pre-Flight, In-Flight, Post-Flight and iPad In-Flight Settings.

“The iPad is a very important tool being used before and during flight, “said Charles Schneider, CEO of MyGoFlight. “It is being relied upon as a paper chart replacement and as an emergency back-up system. As such, pilots need to be sure that their iPad is good-to-go where and when they need it. Having given many seminars on how to use the iPad, it became clear that a checklist would help pilots ensure that their iPad was ready for flight.”

This year’s “iPad Takes Flight!” seminar is a more advanced version to the one given last year at Oshkosh to a standing room only audience, Schneider said. The use of the iPad is portrayed in a real world scenario covering everything from the hardware, accessories, settings and apps used to integrate the iPad in aviation.

During Oshkosh, the Checklist can be obtained from MyGoFlight at one of two booths – Hangar B, #2080 and Hangar D, #4108. They will also be available at their two seminar presentations on the iPad Takes Flight! scheduled on Tuesday, July 24, at 8:30 to 9:45 – Forum Pavilion 03 and Saturday, July 28 8:30 to 9:45 – Forum Pavilion 02. Supply is limited to one per person.

For more information: or  303-364-7400


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Senior Account Executive

Liberty Jet Management

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