Citation app available for iPad

Citation app available for iPad

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Cessna’s Citation Performance Calculator (CPCalc) is now available from the Apple App Store. The app is available for all current production Citation business jets, as well as many out-of-production Citations and some Cessna 208 Caravans.

“The new Cessna CPCalc app unquestionably gives us, as pilots, the ability to maximize the performance of our aircraft in conjunction with a tool like the iPad,” said Steve Workman, Cessna Flight Operations Manager. “We don’t have to round up, round down, or interpolate the data. The app allows us to demonstrate all our models to their maximum capability.”

CPCalc is the centerpiece of the CESNAV  flight planning and performance package. This program maximizes takeoff and landing data and is an excellent tool for determining engine-out performance, according to Cessna Flight Operations Manager Ross Schoneboom. “CPCalc is easier, faster, and often provides better field performance and higher takeoff weights than the AFM data,” said Schoneboom. “It is an excellent tool for determining engine-out performance, taking into consideration user-inputted obstacles or minimum climb gradients.”

CPCalc does not require Internet service to perform the calculations. It is FAA-approved on the PC version and is currently in the process for FAA approval on the iPad.

Cessna also released the Cessna Loading Calculator (CLCalc) app in April and has recorded more than 2,000 downloads of the product to date. CLCalc uses an aircraft-specific weight and balance file to quickly determine takeoff and landing weight and center of gravity after entering passengers, cargo and fuel load. It is also possible to save and print passenger manifests and loading sheets to take on-board. The company is currently working on a third app, the Electronic Operating Manual (EOM), which uses a worldwide airport and navaid database to plan a route, calculating trip time, fuel and distance. Many models also feature Cessna’s GreenTrak technology which will optimize flight planning based on direct operating and fuel costs.

CESNAV is available for purchase for all current production Citations and out of production Citations, including the CitationJet, CJ1, CJ1+, CJ2, Bravo, Encore, Encore+, Excel, and XLS. The CLCalc app will also support the Citation II, Citation V, Ultra, and certain Cessna 208 Caravans. New aircraft deliveries include a subscription for the warranty period of the aircraft at no additional charge. Cessna owners and operators can contact Cessna Customer Care at 316-517-5800 to order CESNAV


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